County awarded $1.260 million FAA grant for General Aviation Apron   

(Bethel) – County Manager David P Fanslau has announced that Sullivan County has been awarded a $1.2 60,325 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to rehabilitate the general aviation apron and two associated taxilanes at the Sullivan County International Airport located in the Town of Bethel.

“The continuing upgrade and maintenance of the County airport is critical to continued safety and operation of the airport.  We thank Congressman Maurice Hinchey for his efforts in assisting Sullivan County in securing this grant,” said Jonathan F. Rouis, Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature.

This grant will provide Federal funding for the rehabilitation of the general aviation apron and two associated taxilanes at Sullivan County International Airport, located in Bethel, New York.    The existing pavements are in very poor condition and require rehabilitation to enhance airport safety.   Sullivan County International Airport is a general aviation airport.  The Sullivan County International Airport is maintained by the Sullivan County Division of Public Works.

“The improvements associated with the rehabilitation of the general aviation apron and taxilanes will position Sullivan County for enhanced economic development opportunities, such as the arrangement with Arcadia Aviation.  It is essential that the County is well positioned to adapt to the eventual economic recovery and expansion of our regional economy,” said David A. Sager, Chairman of the Public Works Committee.

The airport facility improvements are typically funded by a Federal, State, and County formula of 95% Federal, 2.5% State, and 2.5% County.  Therefore, it is essential that Sullivan County continues to receive Federal and State grants for the airport, in order for the airport not to become an extraordinary burden on the County’s property tax levy.

For more information, please contact Commissioner Robert A. Meyer, 845-807-0261

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