Center for Workforce Development   

A high-quality local workforce is a critical part of a stable economy.  By building and strengthening the workforce of Sullivan County we can accomplish several things.  New businesses would prefer to locate in areas that have the necessary numbers of qualified workers to support their ventures.  Attracting new businesses will strengthen and diversify our economy by supplying more jobs and creating a more competitive environment that will lead to an increase in wages.  By maintaining a local workforce, we could expect to see a large portion of the dollars earned to be spent locally, which would further strengthen the economy of the County.

The Center for Workforce Development is part of the Sullivan Works One Stop System.  Click on the link in the green box to the left to access services and resources.


Laura Quigley

100 North Street - PO Box 5012
Monticello, New York 12701

Phone: (845) 807-0385

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