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Three Proposed Redistricting Maps Released

Monticello, NY – The Sullivan County Manager’s Office today released three map-based proposals for redrawing the nine existing legislative districts in the County.

“These maps represent a diligent effort by the County – through an independent consultant who has done redistricting for counties all over the country – to update the boundaries of these districts so that each legislator is representing an approximately equal amount of people,” County Manager Joshua Potosek explained. “Utilizing population data from the 2020 U.S. Census, the consultant created a trio of choices for legislators to consider before voting on the one they prefer on July 21.”

The choice of three was ordered by the Legislature earlier this year, in preparation for the redistricting vote, which is legally required every 10 years (following the release of Census data) to keep pace with population shifts. Consultant David Heller of Main Street Communications in Davenport, Iowa used only population data from the Census to craft the maps, achieving a population deviation between proposed districts of well under ½ of 1 percent (the State-mandated maximum is 5%). No political data was provided to the consultant.

“Due to significant increases in Sullivan County’s population centers coupled with population decreases in our more rural areas, the larger legislative districts will need to grow in size, while the smaller legislative districts will need to shrink, generally speaking,” Potosek added. “Exactly where and how that happens will be up to legislators, but the goal has been to keep communities whole as much as possible.”

Once a majority vote is reached, the chosen map will become official on January 1, 2024. (The existing districts will continue to be represented by the current legislators until December 31, 2023. Only legislators elected in the November 2023 general election will represent the redrawn districts.)

The public is welcome to view the maps and an informative fact sheet at Legislators will take oral comment at public meetings of the Legislature. Written comment can be sent to Clerk of the Legislature Annmarie Martin at or 100 North Street, Monticello, NY 12701.