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Struggling to Pay Bills on Your Home? Help Is Coming

NYS Attorney General's Poster

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck wants local homeowners to know they may qualify for State assistance in paying delinquent taxes and other charges.

“My office has recently been made aware of important news concerning potential relief,” she said, “and I’m urging people to take advantage of this offer, as it could mean the difference between keeping or losing their home.”

The New York State Homeowner Assistance Fund has been approved by the United States Treasury to provide financial assistance to homeowners with financial hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The State of New York has advised that a homeowner may be eligible for assistance if they are delinquent with any of the following items due to hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic:

•           Mortgage payments

•           Property taxes, water or insurance charges

•           Homeowners’ association or maintenance fees

•           Manufactured home loan or retail installment contracts.

A homeowner is defined as a New York State resident who owns a home and occupies that home as their primary residence (meaning it is where they live for the majority of every calendar year).

Types of eligible homeowners include:

  • Mortgaged homeowners who are in a forbearance plan or were offered a forbearance plan that has expired; this may be a first and/or a second mortgage.
  • Mortgaged homeowners who were not offered a forbearance plan, or missed the option to apply for one, and are considered delinquent on their first or second mortgage.
  • Homeowners who are behind on payments for property taxes, water bills, or sewage bills.
  • Co-op or condo homeowners who are behind on monthly carrying charges such as maintenance fees or homeowner association payments.
  • Homeowners who live in manufactured homes and who are behind on home loans or retail installment contracts used to purchase their homes.

Homeowners whose household income is equal to or less than 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and who are at risk of foreclosure and/or displacement due to financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply. The AMI for Sullivan County is $79,900 for a household of one to five people, $83,300 for a six-person household, $89,050 for a seven-person household and $94,800 for a household with eight or more.

This is a State program that does not involve the Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office, so those who are interested should visit for eligibility and application information.