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Documents and Forms

Climate Action Plan

The County Legislature voted unanimously to accept the SC Climate Action Plan as a working document in April 2014. The Plan sets specific targets for GHG reduction in county operations and outlines specific goals and strategies for energy, transportation, materials management, land and water use, emergency management and public health.

Climate Action Plan 2022 Update

In March 2022, the County reported on progress meeting the goals of the 2014 plan and outlined a new slate of priority projects for mitigation and adaptation.

Benchmarking Policy

The Benchmarking Policy outlines a procedure for collecting, recording and analyzing energy use data and for providing the public with information on the energy used in County operations and the associated reductions, as well as fuel and energy costs of building operations and reductions in GHG emissions that will result from our collected efforts to operate more efficiently.

Fleet Efficiency Policy

The Fleet Efficiency Policy demonstrates Sullivan County’s commitment to reducing operational costs associated with the operation and maintenance of a vehicle fleet. Outcomes include lower fuel costs, well maintained vehicles, safer vehicles, and continued progress toward attaining the greenhouse gas emissions reductions identified in the Sullivan County Climate Action Plan, approved in April 2014 by the Sullivan County Legislature.

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