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Division of Planning, Community Development and Real Property

Sullivan County Government Center

The Sullivan County Division of Planning, Community Development and Real Property is a governmental organization that works towards common goals aimed at assisting municipalities with ensuring the planned and controlled development of Sullivan County.  We invite you to learn more about our department and the staff who maintain it.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Division of Planning, Community Development and Real Property is to facilitate the design and implementation of effective projects and programs created to improve the economy, environment, and physical infrastructure of the County. Our mission is addressed by providing quality technical assistance to local municipalities in land use, economic development, housing, farm land protection, and environmental protection.  We also offer our research and analytical capabilities to assist the County Manager and Legislature, the Town Supervisors, and other County departments in making policy decisions.

The Division of Planning, Community Development and Real Property consists of a team of professionals dedicated to promoting a good quality of life in Sullivan County. The professional staff is also devoted to building collaborative relationships that will foster creative problem-solving and address emerging development issues in the County.


  • To produce and distribute information for creative problem solving
  • To develop and foster collaborative partnerships between Towns, Villages, Hamlets and the private sector for the creation of long term economic stability with a focus on quality of life and the environment.
  • To plan for the future by providing research and grant assistance from a team of professionals.
  • To provide resources and financial tools for the attraction, creation and retention of sustainable business.
  • To provide direction, technical assistance and focus for local community groups and assist with the visioning process for the revitalization of downtown and Main Street corridors.