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A Message from the Fire Coordinator


Firefighters battling a fire

A Message from the Fire Coordinator

With winter storms and cold temperatures, warm temperatures we have had a large number of structure fires, brush fires and miscellaneous calls that kept the Sullivan County Emergency Services busy again in February.

As we move into March think SPRING; however we could still have some nasty winter weather and storms, stay prepared. 

Daylight savings time is March 12th please remind everyone to set their clocks forward and change the batteries in their smoke detectors.

BURN BAN - Reminder, the Burn Ban starts on March 16th and ends on May 14th. There is no open burning during this period.

I want to thank all the fire departments for submitting their fire reports and those who were having trouble working with BC-3 Jack Halchak on fixing the problems, we still have departments that have not completed their reports , Please contact BC-3 if you have any questions, let’s get 100% again thank you.

Training courses for summer are being scheduled and will be posted shortly.

Reminder that the training center is available for individual or joint  fire department use, please if interested contact the training center at least 2 weeks prior to use.

Thank you, Be Safe
John Hauschild 53-1
Fire Coordinator