Customer Base   

Overall, Information Technology’s customer base spans several different disciplines, including:

• Health and Human Services• Real Property and Treasurer
• Legal/Court Services• Finance and Human Resources
• Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS)• Parks & Recreation
• County Clerk• County Attorney and DA
• Community & Economic Development• Board of Elections
• Sheriff• Legislature
• County Manager• External Customers
• Sullivan County International Airport

Information Technology Services

Services Provided   

Sullivan County's Department of Information Technology Services provides a number of services to its customers, in general. IT services provided include:

Information (Data) Services
Database Administration and Standards
Database Design, Access and Security
Database Recovery and Storage
Data Warehouse Design, Access and Security
GIS Database Design, Access and Security
Digital Picture Database Administration
24/7 Data Center Management

Application Development Services
New Product Research and Testing
Custom Application Development and Code Management
“Commercial Off the Shelf” Software Selection and Implementation
Business Process Improvement
Office Automation Software
“Commercial Off the Shelf” Software Maintenance and Support
Technology Services
Asset Management
Automated Software Delivery
Anti-Virus Maintenance and Control
Technology Standards Management
Internet Services (Web Hosting, FTP, and Web Browsing)
LAN Network Administration and Management
Network Directory Services and File Storage
WAN Network Administration and Management
Disaster Recovery Planning
Printing, Plotting and Fax Management
VoIP and Legacy Telephone Management
Remote Access Management
Network Security and Authentication
PC Support and Maintenance
Video Conferencing Services
Server Hardware Support and Maintenance
Internet Security and Firewall Management
Technology Testing and Prototyping
Wireless Network Administration and Mgmt.
Web Site Design
Training and Support Services
24/7 HelpDesk Support
Technology Publications
Software and Application Training
Technology Project Management and Mentoring

Information Technology Services