Renewable Energy   

Go SolarInformation from NY-Sun on financing a solar installation:

Affordable Solar
NY-Sun’s Affordable Solar program provides additional incentives to help reduce the cost of installing solar for low-to moderate-income homeowners:

Community Shared Solar
For renters and property owners who can’t install solar on their own homes, NY-Sun provides options for shared solar installations:

Renewable Energy for Commercial Properties
FlexTech helps businesses complete comprehensive energy studies and identify options for efficiency and integration of renewable energy systems:

USDA Rural Energy for America
USDA Guaranteed Loans and Small Grants for rural small businesses, to finance renewable energy systems:

Wind Energy
Customers can include residential, commercial, institutional or government users. The maximum equipment size is 2 MW per site per customer. NYSERDA’s incentive cannot exceed 50% of the total installed cost of the system, which must be connected to the electric grid.

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