Office of Sustainable Energy   

The Sullivan County Office of Sustainable Energy (OSE) works to develop cost effective projects, policies and practices that make County operations and our surrounding community more sustainable, resilient, healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. The OSE works to achieve these goals in County operations and throughout the community by providing research, analysis, strategies, informational outreach and project support on a range of issues relating to sustainability, and by working in close coordination with numerous County departments, local and state agencies and community organizations to maximize the resources available to the County and its residents.

The OSE was established by the Sullivan County Legislature in 2008 to address the goals outlined in the Legislature’s “Green Vision Statement,” and expanded in 2017 with the creation of a full-time Sustainability Coordinator. The OSE coordinates with numerous County departments to speed the County’s transition to renewable energy, address the causes and likely impacts of climate change, reduce waste, and conduct ongoing documentation and analysis of the County’s energy use. The OSE also provides community outreach and education on sustainability issues and opportunities for County residents and businesses to save money on energy costs and make their properties healthier and more comfortable. The Office works to advance the County’s status as a Climate Smart Community and assists our towns and villages as they pursue efforts to improve energy efficiency, install and promote renewable energy, and prepare their communities for local impacts of climate change.


Heather Brown,
Sustainability Coordinator

Sullivan County Office of Sustainable Energy
100 North Street, PO Box 5012
Monticello, NY 12701

Phone: (845) 807-0578