Presidential Primary Basics   

The purpose of the presidential primary is to select delegates to a national convention of a political party.

DEMOCRATIC PLAN - The Democratic Presidential Primary is really a ‘dual’ primary. Candidates for President run against each other in a statewide primary and delegates run in each congressional district. Candidates registered to the Democratic party must gather 5,000 signatures statewide to appear on the ballot. Delegates must file petitions signed by 500 or .5% (whichever is less) of enrolled Democrats within a Congressional district. The 19th Congressional district, of which Sullivan County is a part, is entitled to 5 delegates comprised of 2 men and 3 women. Delegates must state on the petition the candidate to whom they are committed or that they are uncommitted.
FYI - Bernie Sanders is not a registered Democrat but has been authorized by the State Democratic committee to run on The Democratic line.

REPUBLICAN PLAN - The selection of congressional district delegates and alternates is determined by a congressional district level Primary but only the name(s) of the presidential candidate(s) will appear on the ballot. The Republican party is entitled to 81 delegates and 81 Alternates or 3 per Congressional district. Additional at-large delegates are elected by the State committee and apportioned to presidential candidates based upon the statewide results of the Presidential primary. The Republican commissioners of the State Board of Elections can place a candidate for President on the ballot if they determine that said candidate is “nationally known”. Requests for this status must be filed by February 16th, 2016. All other presidential candidates registered to the Republican party must gather 5,000 signatures statewide no later than February 4th.

OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES IN NEW YORK STATE - Any other recognized political party (i.e. Conservative, Green, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality, Reform) may either nominate delegates to a national convention following either the Democratic OR Republican plan OR at a statewide convention OR by filing designating petitions.

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES - Candidates running on a line other than an official party line must gather 15,000 signatures statewide with At least 100 signatures coming from each congressional district. The petition must name the candidate for both President and Vice President And contain the names of at least one but not more than 29 candidates for electors.

WRITE IN CANDIDATES - To run as a write-in candidate for President a certificate of candidacy must be filed with the State Board of Elections no later than the third Tuesday prior to the General Election in November. The certificate must contain the name AND address of both the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate along with certificates of acceptance and the name and address of at least one but not more than 29 candidates for elector.

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