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Sullivan County Wellness Committee

"Eat Healthy. Move More." is a countywide wellness Campaign designed to promote the involvement of Sullivan County residents in nutrition and physical activity programs and events in their communities, schools, and at worksites.

The Sullivan County Wellness Committee works with schools, businesses and community groups to promote policy and environmental changes that will improve physical activity and nutrition throughout Sullivan County.
The Sullivan County Wellness Committee is open to the general public, parents, businesses, and schools, and generally meets monthly.

Desk-To-5K Walking Guide

"Tick Talk Its Lyme Time" Presentation

Call for more information to find out how you can get involved!  
(845) 292-5910 x 2179


"Bicycle art created by local artist
Emily Zier, a Monticello HS
and Pratt Institute graduate."

Eat Healthy. Move More.

Sponsored by the Sullivan County Public Health Services
and the Rural Health Network.
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