911 Addresses - How to Apply for or Verify a 911 Address   

SPECIAL NOTE to users of Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, mobile GPS devices, etc.: Commercial services often fail to show addresses in their correct locations, or fail to find them entirely. Their methods and sources are completely different from, and inferior to, Sullivan County's state-of-the-art 911 addressing system, which can pinpoint the location of every addressed structure in Sullivan County in case of emergency. Because of data incompatibility and other practical considerations concerning your safety, we cannot correct or update the commercial mapping services. Users with questions or complaints about the commercial mapping/GIS services, including correction of the street names that they use, are encouraged to contact those companies directly.

If you need a new 911 address for the Sullivan County area, you must submit an Application for Obtaining a 911 Address to our department. A full sized, engineered site plan of the property in question must accompany the application. The following documents will aid you in acquiring a 911 address in Sullivan County.


Policies for 911 Addressing and the Procedure for Obtaining a 911 Address

Policy and Procedure for Naming Roads for 911 Purposes

“If you have any other questions about your property, you may complete the Sullivan County 911 Address Questionnaire form and either submit it by clicking the link below, faxing the questionnaire to 845-807-0232 or mailing it to the Sullivan County Real Property Department-ATTN Lynn at 100 North St., PO Box 5012, Monticello, New York 12701.”

Sullivan County 911 Address Questionnaire
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