Division of Public Works   

“The Sullivan County Division of Public Works and Solid Waste provides a wide range of essential services to county residents and visitors.  More than 200 dedicated staff in the division’s fifteen (15) departments work designing,  maintaining and repairing roads and bridges,  plowing snow,  operating and maintaining county buildings and parks as well as fueling, maintaining and repairing the County’s vehicle fleet. The division also operates  the Sullivan County Sanitary Landfill, transfer stations,   recycling program and sponsors  County cleanup initiatives.  The Division maintains and operates  the Sullivan County International Airport  and provides Weights and Measures  services to insure sale quantity accuracy  within the County.  Through these challenging tasks,  the dedicated professionals in the Division of  Public Works  are proud to play  an essential role  in  making  Sullivan County a great place to live, work, and play.”

Public Notice: FTA Formula Grants for Rural Area Program (Section 5311)


Edward McAndrew, P.E., Commissioner

100 North Street
PO Box 5012
Monticello, New York 12701

Phone: (845) 807-0261
Fax: (845) 807-0335

(Our main office is located on the first floor of the Government Center in Monticello)