Special Investigations and Recovery   

The Special Investigations Unit investigates suspected fraud and abuse of benefits by recipients as  well as investigating internal affairs.

The unit is responsible for information intake, interviewing, conducting fieldwork, maintaining collateral contacts, reporting results, and prosecution referrals. Information is tracked through the Comprehensive Income Tracking System (Cintraks) whereby wages, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance Benefits, State Payroll, Internal Revenue Service information and real estate transactions are forwarded from the State. The unit also receives a variety of information through matches including Criminal Justice, Prison, Fugitive Felon, Warrant, Lottery, EBT, and Public Assistance Recipient Information System (PARIS), as well as New Hires Matches.

In addition to normal investigative methods, the unit also utilizes the Front-End Detection System (FEDS) and the Eligibility Verification Review (EVR) programs. These programs were developed by Sullivan County employees. Because of their success, both are now State-mandated, and FEDS has become Federally mandated.

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