Reminder: 12.7% of Every DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Local Transaction Stays Here. Keep Money Local.   

(Monticello, NY 10:30am) - Legislator Joe Perrello joins County Clerk Dan Briggs in reminding all Sullivan County residents that 12.7% of every DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) transaction conducted locally is money that stays here. We encourage all to keep their money local, thereby helping us to keep our taxes down.

This can be accomplished by one of three simple ways. Of course, DMV transactions can be done in person. But were you aware that they can be mailed to the Monticello DMV, at 100 North Street, Monticello, New York 12701, or one can use the drop-off box, located within the Monticello DMV office, where the transaction will be completed by day end and returned to you by mail. Both methods are easy, eliminate waiting, and still keep monies local. This is particularly easy with registration renewals where all that is necessary is a signature and a check.

So please, whenever possible, complete your DMV transactions locally, thereby keeping your hard earned tax dollars local.

For further information, please contact County Clerk Dan Briggs at 845 807-0411.

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