Thompson, Sullivan County Charging Forward   

Monticello, NY – The Town of Thompson will be the first Sullivan County municipality to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station under the County’s new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Reimbursement Program.

On Thursday, June 15, the Legislature unanimously authorized a $5,000 contract with the Town to create a Level 2 EV Charging Station at the Thompson Town Hall off Route 42 in Monticello (between Dunkin Donuts and The Home Depot). The grant will allow Thompson to build not only the station but add lighting and signage to ensure its visibility, as it will be a point of pride for the Town and County.

Able to charge 1-2 cars within 2-4 hours, the station should be operational this fall. For at least two years after installation and likely longer, EV owners will be able to use the charging station for free. In addition to tourists, the availability of such a facility will:

  • provide an additional incentive of attracting talented workforce from within and in neighboring counties for the increase in job opportunities expected from various developments;
  • elevate awareness of clean vehicle transportation among residents and businesses; and
  • help validate the technology and reduce anxiety about its adoption, thereby encouraging residents and businesses to consider purchase of an EV.

“The overall goal is to help facilitate the shift to clean vehicles locally and regionally in order to reduce the threat of climate change, as well as to boost tourism and attract more visitors to local businesses,” Sullivan County Sustainability Coordinator Heather Brown explained. “We want to locate these stations in areas that are beneficial to our main streets, our downtowns and our businesses while also promoting clean technology that will help the County become a fully certified Climate Smart Community.”

“I thank the County for participating in this initiative,” affirmed Thompson Town Supervisor Bill Rieber. “This project was made possible in part by grants from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and Sullivan County. The ability for electric vehicle owners to have a convenient location to recharge is not only important to the region economically by attracting additional visitors, but it will greatly elevate the awareness of clean transportation among residents and businesses. We are very pleased to lead by example in the community and demonstrate our support for clean vehicles.”

“Monticello is already known as the Crossroads of the Catskills, and we want visitors, residents and thru-travelers to recognize the County Seat as an environmentally oriented, forward-thinking destination where they can recharge not just their bodies and minds but their electric vehicles as well,” remarked Sullivan County Manager Josh Potosek. “And with $45,000 still available in our Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Reimbursement Program, we plan to expand their travels to many more of our communities, spreading the word that Sullivan County is ‘green’ in more ways than one!”

The next deadline for applications from municipalities and public library districts is August 3, and Brown welcomes inquiries at 845-807-0453.

For more information about this press release, please reach out to Sullivan County Director of Communications Dan Hust at (845) 807-0456.

Photo: Leviton Evr-Green Dual Port Charging Station