Community and Economic Development Committee approves call for Local Preference rules for procurement of Goods and Services   

(Monticello) – The Community and Economic Development Committee of the Sullivan County Legislature unanimously approved a resolution that requests the State Legislature enact legislation that would provide an exception to permit counties and local government to award contracts for goods and services with a local preference rule.  “The current economic downturn being experienced by Sullivan County, as a result if the continued “Great Recession”, is adversely affecting local business through a reduction in business activity and a concomitant loss of jobs,” said Rouis.

There are millions of dollars worth of contracts for goods and services are expended by Sullivan County each year that are necessary to perform essential functions of Sullivan County government.  “the award of such contracts to individuals or entities outside of both Sullivan County and the Hudson Valley at a time when Sullivan County is experiencing an economic downturn and less economic activity than many neighboring regions have achieved tends to exacerbate the economic difficulty currently experienced in Sullivan County,” said Legislator Elwin “Woody” Wood, Chairman of the Community and Economic Development Committee.

"So long as it is within the realm of reason and satisfies our fiduciary responsibilities as elected officials to provide fair and efficient services to our public, then we should absolutely try to do business with those who reside within and pay taxes to our county.  I have seen too many bids go far out of county and even out of state, thus having no economic benefit to our struggling communities.  We are at a time in our economy and our history where we need to shop local as much as possible, not just as a local government, but as individuals.  When business is done are kept and produced and that is a very important for us all to remember," said Legislator David A. Sager, Chairman of the Public Works Committee.

The purpose of permitting local governments to provide for  local preference procurement rules is to limit the award of such contracts to individuals or entities located and doing business within Sullivan County, when practical and with the best interests of the County and to promote the use of local businesses as County vendors and consultants so as to encourage increased economic activity in Sullivan County and the Hudson Valley by putting County tax dollars to work at home “We need to take care of our residents, and not only the businesses, but also the people that they employee. Good Business practices starts on the home front,” added Legislator Jodi I. Goodman, Chairman of the Management and Budget Committee and Vice Chairman of the Community and Economic Development Committee.

“As elected officials, we are constantly frustrated when told we cannot award contracts to those who pay taxes here, because they are smaller operations, who cannot compete with mega companies.  The mega companies take their money OUT of Sullivan County  -  that is my complaint,” concluded Legislator Leni C. Binder, Minority Leader.

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