County to Hold Vehicle & Equipment Auction   

(Monticello) - County Manager David P Fanslau has announced that Sullivan County will hold a vehicle and equipment auction on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 7:00 PM in the Legislature Hearing Room of the Sullivan County Government Center, 100 north Street, Monticello, New York.  All participants must register to be eligible to bid on items prior to 7:00 PM

“The County Legislature had also offered to permit Towns and Village governments to participate in the vehicle and equipment auction,” said Fanslau.  “This auction will provide an example of governments working together, not only within Sullivan County but also with municipalities in other counties,” add Fanslau.

The Town of Callicoon and the Town of Mamakating will have assets placed in this auction, along with items from the Town of Greenville.

All of the items may be viewed at:

The above website address includes a complete list with photos, all viewing times, and other pertinent information relating to the auction.  The following are dates, viewing times, and locations where the items may be inspected:
  • Monticello: Landfill (gates close at 2:45):
    Aug 16th: 12pm – 2pm
    Aug 18th: 12pm – 2pm
  • DPW Barryville Facility:
    Aug 16th: 1pm – 4:30pm
    Aug 18th: 1pm – 4:30pm
  • DPW Maplewood Facility on Route 17B:
    Aug 16th: 1pm – 4:30pm
    Aug 18th: 1pm – 4:30pm
  • Government Center (Real Property Office):
    Aug 16th: 1pm – 4:30pm
    Aug 18th: 1pm – 4:30pm
“The vehicle and equipment auction won’t cost the County any money, rather the proceeds from the auction will be placed in the General Fund as revenues available for other needs of the County.  The revenues for the participating Towns will be kept separate and remitted to the respective Town,” concluded Fanslau.


For more information, please contact David P Fanslau 845-807-0450
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