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"Eat Healthy. Move More." is a countywide wellness Campaign designed to promote the involvement of Sullivan County residents in nutrition and physical activity programs and events in their communities, schools, and at worksites.

The Sullivan County Wellness Committee works with schools, businesses and community groups to promote policy and environmental changes that will improve physical activity and nutrition throughout Sullivan County.
The Sullivan County Wellness Committee is open to the general public, parents, businesses, and schools, and generally meets monthly.  Call to confirm meeting:  (845) 292-5910 extension 2179 or email:

In June 2009, in cooperation with Sullivan County BOCES, Sullivan County Public Health Services and the Sullivan County Rural Health Network sponsored a presentation on a Farm to School Program with Ray Denniston, consultant to Broome-Tioga BOCES in the Southern Tier of NYS.  Ray presented information to school Food Service Directors and Lunch Program Managers on the Farm to School Program, and the Give me 5 Fruits & Vegetables Program.     

Current activities involve planning with local schools to improve nutrition and physical activity opportunities for students and staff, and exploring ways to partner with farmers and schools to create a FARM TO SCHOOL program in Sullivan County, and to explore ways to assist schools in creating healthier school meals.  

Increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for county residents is another goal of the Wellness Committee. In collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension, the WIC program, and other local partners, the Wellness Committee will be exploring ways to increase participation of area residents and low income families in local Farmer’s Markets.

Worksite wellness programs have great potential to reduce health care costs, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve the overall health of employees, saving money for employers and businesses.  If you would like information regarding worksite wellness, contact our health department.

Worksite Wellness Resources

Sullivan County, let’s
“Eat Healthy” and “Move More!” 
Obesity has risen over three decades, tripling or more among children.

The situation is even worse among minority and low-income families.

Current levels and trends are quite literally frightening in terms of health, health care costs, and productivity.

It's the biggest public health challenge of this and the next few decades.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the activities above, or want to start an “Eat Healthy. Move More.” initiative at your worksite or school, contact Nancy McGraw, Public Health Director at mail to: or 292-5910.

Call for more information to find out how you can get involved!  
(845) 292-5910 x 2179


"Bicycle art created by local artist
Emily Zier, a Monticello HS
and Pratt Institute graduate."

Eat Healthy. Move More.

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and the Rural Health Network.
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